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Marajuana stunts your spiritual growth. It diverts your attention to itself and away from God. You see, in Sikhi, we have Waheguru Mantra to give us a great peace, making marajuana useless. Marajuana is Maya. Remember - its just a plant. What do you want to devote your life to - a plant, or God? Yes, maybe if yoy choose to stop smoking marajuana it may be hard, but with love for God you will stop if you choose to. So no - marajuana is not for Sikhs. You will be a fake Sikh if you smoke marajuana. One day, we all hope to take amrit. Amrit, you must be ready to die at the sword for and die for your faith. Now, if you can't accept Guruji's simple rule to abstain from intoxicants such as marajuana, how will you ever take the amrit sanchar ceremony?

Gurfateh, I wish you luck!