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I am not a vegetarian. I tried it and it didn't work for me. In order to meet the demands of the job and family my body needs (and astonishingly craves) eggs and fish.

I try to eat conciously; mindful of the sources of the food (e.g. organic) and I eat these things in moderation. I have to be honest there is always a trace of guilt within me when I eat these foods. I think that's decent, it helps me to appreciate the nourishment that I am receiving; so that my body is stronger; durable and able to serve more effectively.

Before becoming vegetarian or adopting any totalitarian diet regime you need to learn to listen to your body. Be in tune with your body; keep it in balance. If you crave an egg; have one with toast; don't just down some scrambled eggs out of panic.

Don't go near protein powders- eggs or no eggs your body has evolved to metabolise proteins found in nature- these concentrated protein powders wreak havoc with your kidneys. Find your protein source in 'normal foods' but as part of a balanced meal with sustainable carbs and veg.

There are millions of people in this world who starve for want of food. I think we are living in luxury if we are agonising over which foods to eat. If you are deliberating over the saint's path of vegetarianism remember that Sikhism advocates Miri-Piri Saint - Soldierhood. This doesn't mean you need to fire up the BBQ as part of Warrior status. It means we need to live in this reality; but with spiritual elegance.

Basically; be in tune with yourself. Your body is your friend. It will let you know what it needs.Use your mind to make sure you're giving it a balanced diet.