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He's gone, please move on. He has chosen to be with someone else and not you. If he doesn't love you enough to be with you, then don't desire him. You deserve someone who will love you and not cheat on you, which is what he did to you.

Why do you want to love a cheater??? He doesn't care about you, that is why he cheated on you. If he truly cared for you, and if he was so unhappy with you, he could have shown you respect and courtesy and told you that he could not carry on having a relationship with you, BUT NO, he CHEATED on you, he deceived you.

He is a selfish guy, and disrespectful, and not loyal. So be thankful that he left you before marriage, and not after marrying you.

He was not the one for you. You deserve better. Let him go and be with whoever he wants to be with. Pray for yourself, that you get someone you deserve and who doesn't betray you like him.

How could you keep loving him, if he came back to you, and you know that he had cheated on you? That would not be a healthy relationship, deep inside, you would always hurt that he cheated on you, even if he came back.

Please just move on, and stop wanting to be with him. He is not a nice guy.