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Is it? Is it truly a GREAT response?

You are clearly missing something here that you have an issue with. A TRUE devoted Sikh who has given there head to the True Guru who has received Amrit lives to the code of conduct. Forgive me but Was it not Shiri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who said it is not the Sikh which is dear to me but the Rehat of the SIKH.

It is true that Sikhi should be in your heart and MIND and having little to no attachment to Maya. Kesh/Hair is a part of the human body Kesh is attached to the human form for a reason. Ok there are certain medical conditions regarding kesh and the female form particularly, but lets not go there because that is a different issue.

The keeping of your hair uncut and in natural state is a true test of your strength and character and your overall acceptance to the way you have been made. There is no confusion here because a Sikh is one who has HAIR. Would a clean shaven sikh look right?

Look, the simple answer is this.. when one is ready to receive Amrit and become Amritdharee and live as a Gursikh, become Khalsa..become Gurmukh then no question arises about having confusion to keep hair uncut.