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Words i m going to mention was once said by sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale while answering to the same question asked by an amritdhari women ......baba ji said....sikhism is the only religion where women get freedom to worship god....not so like other....but when it comes to be in panj piare ,then it is no ..because,when on the day of baisakhi guru gobind singh ji maharaj brought talvaar in deevaan....he asked for a head(for sacrifice) he didnt mention whether of men or women.....bas ik sees chahida that time the persons who got ready for that...5of them were men(whom we call as panj piare)....sant ji said ..if @ that time a women had standed for sacrifice...then today we would have seen women in as panj piare. Wähégùrü jî kå kha£$ä,wàhëgürú jí kî fâtêh.ji.