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What would be the purpose in creating any life whatsoever if God was so easy to reach? Life is a puzzle that we must solve, and we do get hints (Gurus), but there is no easy way to reach God. God made us to help each other and to love one another, but in this time of Kali Yuga it is harder to find Sadh Sangat and to get to God than maybe Satya Yuga because our souls never made it to God in the past. We are nnot left directionless do to God, but because of ourselves and the Karmatic Law.

Anyway, Guruji is like Hermes, the messenger of the Greek gods. Guruji is the middleman who tells us God's command via a hukamnama. So yeah, maybe we can't directly speak to God and get an answer like in a conversation, but through Ardas (and other prayers), listening to Gurbani, mediatting, and chanting Har, we can speak to God.


Bhagat Singh