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Gurfateh ji

I would like to say that ur not alone, i am going through something similar. Since coming into sikhi, i have had these strange/ obtrusive and often disgusting thoughts that jus pop into my head and its all sikhi related. So even though i cant say i feel as much anand/peace as you, i feel that these thoughts/images are preventing me from getting closer to Guru ji

I used to worry so much about them to the point where i think i was borderlining depression..seriously.. But then i read that the only way is to ignore them as this reduces the respect and importancr we give to although now i am not as fearful of them, they still disturb me and arr generally just anoying.

And yea it could be saying stupid /bad things to guru ji, i know what ur sayin, u feel guilty immediately after and feel the need to punish yourself.. Just keep doing ardas, Guru sahib has all the power to eliminate this negativity in a split second and i supose we have to live in the hope that one day He will.

I am interested in peoples views on this, is it just a case of doing loads of naam simran which will get rid of it or do we ignore it completely or like veer/bheji said is there a specific mantra to overcome this.

Please some Guru piara shed some light

Thanks in advance