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I was in a similar situation....I am muslim and she was amrithdari. We were crazy about each other...didn't think we could live without one another. Her parents found out through a jealous mutual friends boyfriend and she was made to leave college and move away...We kept in touch and still met one another whenever we could but it was difficult.....because I was still studying and could not travel 3 hours each way during semester.

She eventually decided to break off, we met to say a difficult goodbye. 18 months down the road we were back in touch with each other..she declared her love to me once again...We met a few times and it was like nothing had happened. Then one day she called me saying that her parents wanted her to get married and had a prospective groom in mind. Things didn't work out between us...she started planning for her weeding and we broke all contact...

20 years down the road she is now divorced with a child, no longer practising Sikhism as she used to but still believed in the principles of Sikhism. I have seen her on her social media and often look through her details..I don't want to connect with her now incase she gets some false hope as I am happily married now.

Such is life...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. ..We have to remember that we will all die and need to account for our deeds...treating all humans fairly and equally is important no one person is better than the other if God is not pleased with that person.

Peace to all.