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Anything can be achieved by meditation.

Ridhian Sidhian, The tricks and treasures as they say come easy to anyone who meditates.

A sikh however remains aloof to them and even on acquiring such powers he doesn't use them.

He remains attached to the lotus feet of Waheguru by chanting/remembering him.

My respects to Jesus and Guru Sahib.

But the real marked difference that u'll see in the Sikh History is that Guru Sahib kept emphasizing that "Hey, only thing i want my sikh to be bothered about is 'THE ONE' "

Experiencing Waheguru is like a fish experiencing the Ocean. Waheguru is to Sikh like ocean is to fish.

"Nanak eh bidh har bhajo, jaise jal ko meen" Guru sahib says that sikh should meditate upon Waheguru as a fish lives with water. ENGROSSED.

ENGROSSED with HIM. HIM in you, YOU in him.

imagine if u were a fish, n experiencing water. When a sikh achieves that state.

the Tricks that include "Water walk", turning iron to gold will come to him easy. But he will never use them.

Guru sahib says "Naatak chetak keeye kukaaja Prabh logan keh aavat laaja" Which means that the Godly people think all such tricks as an insult to the realm of spirituality.

They remain in Bhaana cause God is and shall remain super kind