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My personal opinion.

You've failed the tests, again and again. If you think that you will fail, your mind and body will prepare itself unconsciously for failure. Your attitude affects your body, the feeling in your digestive system and your attention. The big risk now will be that your mind is in a state of a "self fulfilling prophecy". A negative spiral if you will.

You've decided to FAIL. You may not have thought about it when you tell to your friends: "I'm so bad and I don't stand a chance." You can see in your inner picture that you will fail both school and the driver license and what a shame that would be, your parents will get mad at you etc.

It's an attitude issue mostly. If you thought like first time you gave the test."I've done good at practice lessons, I will clear this and my mom will be so happy etc." Easier said then done, but with a shift of our attitude we can use it for our benefit. If you have formulated, set an conscious goal and visualised that you passed your test. Then you've taken a big step. Now you have too study of course and not just visualise.

There are good material on the internet that speak about similair issues. Here's a some of that material:

I recommend that you watch these in order.

image description

Why do you Worry? - YouTube Video

image description

How to Overcome Low Self Esteem - YouTube Video

image description

Stress - A State of Mind - YouTube Video

image description

Meditation to De-Stress - YouTube Video

PS: I failed my driver license 7 times and the total cost for me was between 3000-4000 euroes. So I'm talking from personal experiances. Good luck!