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Within everyone there are 5 evils (Kaam, Krodh Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar). When a person decides or let's put it correctly, when Guru Sahib Ji does kirpa on someone and wants that person to come close to Guru Ji then these 5 chorr (5 evils) don't like it. They try their best to distract you and make you feel guilty so that you don't go towards Guru Sahib Ji but don't let them guide you just keep asking Guru Sahib ji to help. Have yo unoticed that when you're in the Gurdwara Sahib or in Sangat or when you try to do Paath or Simran then these thoughts come even more because the 5 chorr don't want you to progress in sikhi.

Keep doing Ardaas and Guru Sahib ji will guide you...God bless you