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Sat Nam,

How do you interpret this quote? The way I interpret this quote is that the corrupt (people who pretend to be something that they are not/those who use the name of religion to advance their selfish, individual agendas) will fall away. In short, they won't be able to fool anyone anymore. A Khalsa shall be judged on his or her character and grace, rather than just "appearance" or "name" if that makes sense. The panth shall blossom, meaning that those who truly experience their Divine Self and practice the virtue of grace, compassion, patience, understanding, courage, integrity, respect, etc. will blossom forth. Truth shall prevail, essentially. "Destroy themselves" means those who have lived in a lie, those who have hurt people intentionally, who have abused what it means to be Khalsa, will end up self-destructing, or creating their own ruin, their own karmas. It already happens all the time, but I suppose that in the future that whole societies will begin to collapse as people wake up and begin to take their lives into their own hands rather than handing it off to people in power. But don't worry about it. Just do your best and be happy, and you will watch yourself blossom.

God bless you.