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veer ji,I searched for the answer of your question, as I myself was first not having the clear view about it. The best answer which I get is from Giani Thakur singh ji " " Giani ji mentions very clearly early it was composed by Guru Nanak Dev ji,later Guru Ram Das ji and Guru Arjun Dev ji added bani to it.Giani ji explains much more very nicely ,how the bani was composed in step by step.

The other good answer is at " " Which mentions about the origin of name of this Bani.

And the sikh wiki also mentions " " Now part of the Rehiras Sahib the Benti Chaupai, attributed to Guru Gobind Singh ji was added to the Bani in the late 19th century The addition was later ratified by the supreme Sikh religious body - the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee.