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रे मन ऐसो कर सन्यासा O mind! practise renunciation in this way: बन से सधन सभै कर समझाहू मन ही माहि उदासा || 1|| रहाउ || Consider all the dwellings to be the forest. Remain detached at heart.(1)pause.

jath kee jattaa jog ko maajan naem kae nakhan badtaaou || Make continence your matted hair, union with God your ablution and your daily practice (duties) growth of your long nails.

gayaan guroo aatham oupadhaesahu naam bibhooth lagaaou ||1|| Consider divine knowledge your preceptor, preach yourself and apply the repetition of God's name as ashes to your body.(1)

अलप अहार सुलप सी निद्रा दया छिमा तन प्रीत || Eat little, sleep little and generate compassion and forbearance in your heart. अलप अहार सुलप सी निद्रा दया छिमा तन प्रीत || सील संतोख सदा निरबाहिबो हैवबो त्रिगुन अतीत || 2|| Profess pure conduct and patience always. Remain free from the three (goodness, passion and darkness) constituents of nature.(2)

kaam koradhh ha(n)kaar lobh hat(h) moh n man so layaavai || Do not conceive of lust, wrath, haughtiness, greed, obstinacy and attachment in your mind.

thab hee aatham thath ko dharasae param purakh keh paavai || 3|| 1|| Thus you will behold the reality of your soul and attain the Almighty (Supreme Being)(3)(1) {{{Guru Gobind Singh raag ramkali dasam granth page 1539}}} Source(s): गुरू वाणी and meditation on name of Lord.