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Sat Nam,

I don't think I understood your question completely, so please expand a little about where you would like your answer to be referenced off of, if you can. In general, however, competing for power and control could be working towards becoming the best/top at something WITHOUT consideration for others; i.e. selfishly getting all the power (money, wealth, etc) and control (over money, people, fame, material goods, etc.) for the sake of having power, even if you cheat, lie, hurt, steal in the process. Seeking an identity out of anything means that you base your humanity, thoughts, projection, and center on something, and make that value the basis of your existence. For a Sikh, living in one's Divine Truth, or Sat Nam, is their identity. Someone who bases their entire identity off of power is subject to the ups and downs of it and therefore becomes a very unhappy person.

That being said, you can still be very good at something, possibly even become a master, but it becomes a problem when you separate yourself from everything else and become obsessed with your power or status position. Sharing knowledge/goods/love/wisdom is the antidote for that situation, because all power comes from the One. :)

Please write back if you wish for someone else to provide you with another answer.