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Dear Gurpreet,

No doubt follow Lo K.B. advice as it's very exhaustive and insightful :) Consider your mother a mini test of faith, courage and devotion to Guru Ji. Even though your mother is resisting your wishes or acceptance of sudden change, embrace this as an opportunity to discover your own weaknesses and try to conqueror them, for example, when she says these things is it making you angry?, sad?, discouraged?, hateful? etc. Gurbani teaches us to be the opposite in such circumstances, so in a way your mother's helping you become closer to Guru Ji, if you be strong and persevere by requesting strength from Guru Ji, with time your mom will accept you lovingly. Remember she's your mother, since your were baby she took care of you, do you think deep down she would want to see you hurt? As Lo K.B advised, follow the approach of truthful, open, and honest discussion with your mom.

If you overcome this test of facing your mom, when society (the world) starts to put you down or gives you negativity you'll be tougher and less afflicted because you were able to stand up to your blood related mom (a strong bond) and still stay devoted to Guru Ji. Don't give in to failure or fear to express what you are inside, don't feel depressed by what others say or think, it will take time, but if you recite the Guru's bani with love and devotion, you will obtain the strength. Anytime you feel down, read about great Kaur's and Singh's and how they were tested by Guru Ji etc, develop dynamic will, as you think, so will you become, say to yourself mentally " I shall overcome the test of my mother, only then shall I be called Gurpreet "KAUR".

Best wishes and be Kaurageous!! :)

Sorry if I've outspoken!

-Namastwang Akaale, Namastwang Kirpaale.