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Dear Anonymous,

You've stated " I seriously don't want these thoughts/feelings to lead to anything bad", confirm if you truly are "serious", search yourself deep inside and find out what's the root cause of such feelings, could it be your proud of your youth or hair? Are compliments from people around you on your hair influencing such thoughts? Etc. Remember, first a thought, then an action; therefore, disengage the thought and this will significantly weaken the drive of a possible action, To control thoughts, disengage the thoughts, Recite Gurbani and request Guru Ji in your ardas to give you the strength and blessing to overcome these strong feelings. Stay around the company of GurSikhs who also wear Dastars, this way you have role models and support around you. At the moment, avoid watching content or media that shows women with their hair down as that will strengthen the thoughts, watch or read more content about chaste and pious women. Anytime you feel a certain thought is too powerful or the drive to put your hair down is very tempting, immediately drop what you’re doing and recite Gurbani or Naam Simran, focus your attention to something that gives you will power and strength. Don’t feel bad or depressed if you give in, but don’t give up ever, keeping battling the thoughts and asking Guru Ji for strength. Temptation can arise at any point, be ever ready, and recite the Guru's bani. :)

Please forgive me if anything said has been disheartening : )

Yours truly,

  • Namastwang Akaale, Namastwang Kripaale.