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Dear anonymous,

Sorry, but I don't think your question needs an answer. Gurbani doesn't do any kind of 'hocus-focus' ! Sikhism doesn't even believe in it. You're just getting the fruit of what you did in your past life. Everybody does. This is what we call karm. This is life. Life isn't a bed of roses. You cant be happy all the time. You have to face sorrow and happiness. I would say that grow up and find the solution yourself. You know about your life more than all of us. Solution wont come to you. You will have to find it. I hope this was helpful and a bit inspiring.

P.S. I apologize if you think I am rude but , that's the truth. the bitter truth of life which many of us don't want to face.

Chardi kala jio ! Mansimran Kaur