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Yes our swaas are going away. Once I heard of a metaphorical story. Once a soul was soul was standing near the ocean. A man came and saw, that the soul was throwing one very shiny thing in ocean one after the other. The man came close. That shiny thing looked precious. He surprisingly came and asked soul - what is this and why are you throwing? Soul replied, "Its a breath. And I am continuously throwing it away." This is what happens to us too. Its true that our all swaas are going to go away one day. Swaas Swaas Simro Gobind! Lets contemplate on God with Every Breath! Dharam Rai jab lekha maange baaki bigsi paari. When Dharam Raj will read our accounts, all the sensory organs we have that distract us from Naam will run away (Body is left and burnt on Earth) and then the soul will be trapped in front of Dharam Raaj.

Calm your mind by doing intense amount of Simran. By making your every swaas worthwile. Do keep in mind that your all swaas dont run away before Amrit. Because if this happens, the soul indeed will be trapped. But if we die after taking Amrit and after living as a Gursikh... asi marni jo mare bahor na marna hoye - Who ever dies such a death will not have to come in this world again to die again.