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Jaskaran ji , I have same dilemma when I see from my own eyes the qautleaam of kesh by Sikhs.. one thing is for sure that it is really difficult to justify one's action , now if someone has cut his hair but is a good person at heart , recites Gurbani and refrains from deceits and mayajaal, but on the other hand we find a sikh who keeps his hairs uncut but gets indulged in all sorts of nonsensical activities and hardly recites Gurbaani tell me how we will say that who is right or wrong? I have had discussions with many gursikhs, khathavaachaks, gianis on this part and evryone has his/her own point of view , but one thing is for sure that whole issues zeroes in on the question of identity, it's not hidden that after chopping of hairs one feels the same as any other person of different religion so there won't be any kind of moral obligation within his consciousness to visit gurdwara or recite gurbani, so indirectly we find that many people get detached from Gurbani and simultaneously visits Temples , churches and as a result the no. of people are getting drastically reduced to save our culture and heritage of Sikhism which is indeed a moral responsibility of every sikh. Now , I have seen personally a gursikh cutting his hairs giving an excuse that "Sikhi should be in heart" but when I met him recently almost after 2 years of incident , he tells me that he has become a Hanuman Bhakt and recites hanuman chaleesa daily , now this is not only one but I have heard many such instances of Gursikhs getting drawn towards Christianity in West after chopping of hairs. I am not against Hanuman Bhakti or Christianity I respect every religion but the thing is isn't it morally wrong that when we are given birth in some family we have an obligation to protect it's religious heritage as we are already very small in numbers as compared to other major communities And once we get to know the greatness of Guru Granth Sahib by reciting it regularly we naturally get attracted towards it's teaching and hence don't bother about others. Sadly , in Punjab the situation has come to such an extent that now the religious people have started persuading the young Gursikhs of at Least keeping Turban so that our identity is kept intact and youngsters don't get carried away by the manmukhi avasthaa.