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I am sorry to hear this. I can understand how hard it is for you. But I am just trying to look at positives. I am glad your parents are so supportive! I am glad you got to see this man's true face early on.. not after 2-3 years or having a child. Penji, I wish all the best things in your life!

Guru ji's paana... is Chardi Kalaa. Everysingle thing that happends in the world.. all accepts Guru ji's Paana.. The cars, houses, trees all have rules which God has created for them, and all walk the way He wants. Houses don't try to move, trees don't try to fly. And because of this, they are in peace. We humans should also try to accept paana and not get wounded with sad situations (I know it is tought penji, I am just trying to tell). Mera baid guru gobinda! My God is my healer. He is the BEST medicine! He is our TRUE husband lord.. This about it penji... who knows how many janams we have had in past and how many husbands we have had.. we don't remember anything. But the True Husband Lord stays! He stays for our support and love forever! Penji, you will get a very caring and loving Gursikh. But make yourself more dedicated to Gurbani and Naam Simran. Everyday, do your nitnem and wear your keski and baana. BE THE TRUE GURU GOBIND SINGH JI's daughter and see how he takes care of you!

Waheguru and sang!