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Dear one, I am sorry for what you have to go throught. I understand there is just so much going on in this life right? It is so complex and you just want to get stability, and everything to get normal again.

I feel like the thoughts you are having that you will not get love again are not really correct. Such feelings are always followed by breakups but trust me, you will get over in in MAX 1-2 years! In life we face a problem, it looks too big in the present, but if you step BACK from it and see... it will all fade away in few years... you will get all that you deserve in your life. You deserve love.

To get over it... hang out with your true friends, have lots of exercise, concentrate on your work, LOVE YOURSELF!!! I feel like one should love themselves the MOST before finding a partner :)

You are luckkyyy that you have Guru ji as your support. I am very happy for you my friend that you are close to Sikhi. And YES Hukamnamas.. are DIRECT talk with God. That is when God himself speaks to you (isnt this SO amazing??? ) This is a blessing! Why don't you do Simran of Waheguru everyday? This will indeed make you better. All my problems are solved when I do simran. It just calmss your mind and helps that BIG imbalance of emotion to calmmm down and take you to a level where you feel... satisfaction, calmness... then bliss, TRUE LOVE, then perfection! Try it :) I hope everything works