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I don't think the Sikh faith is declining "because" people are cutting/trimming their hair. I think the reason is a result of the Experience of Sikhi not being there. If a person does not have a strong sense of the Sikh lifestyle and feel the benefits...then the social pressures will take over. I think people these days are loosing touch with the roots of Sikhi and doing things in a ritualistic way. When the meaning is lost and you are just doing something then the depth of that experience can be minimal.

The teachings of the Gurus are not black and white. When you look at the writings of the Gurus there is a lot of depth. People sometimes take things so literally or at surface level without understanding the deeper meanings or the context.

Be strong! The Gurus gave us this Bana for a reason. Being a Sikh is not about finding the easy way out. It is the warrior/saint lifestyle. If you wish to be a Sikh then you should live to this strength. Most great people are great because they endured hardships. They did not do what everyone else does.

Keep up!