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Waheguru ji ka khalsaa Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!

Let me tell you that it is normal and part of the journey of you to Waheguru. However, you still want to get stable and higher spiritually. This was me 6 years ago! I wanted to do paath and Simran, but I couldnt get up to Amrit Vela and be soo lazy. There are ALOT of things you can do to fight your laziness! I know Gursikhs who call each other at 3am at Amritvela to wake eachother up!

Please do Ardaas and keep on doing Ardaas to Guru ji every single day to have more Kirpa on you and help you do paath and Simran. Ask Guru ji to help you get to them and give their love to you. Ardass so extremely beneficial. Do the ardaas with love and have full faith on it.

Even if you mind is being stubborn, dont let your self skip paath. Remember, Gurbani says - Only when the mind is silenced, Soul's voice is heard. Our mind is a very big problem but we have to fight fight it. That is why it is said that khalsa is at war 24/7 . It is internal war with 5 evils and mind.

It is simple.. you say you want to be attached to Guru ji's feet... then do it! NOBODY is stoping you. If there is something stoping you... its inside you - your own mind. Kill it, always fight it. This way Guru ji will get even more happy with you and bless you even more. Guru ji will know that you try so hard to fight your mind, they will bless you with more love

Do Naam Simran everyday ( if you cant do more, start from 5 min) , do your full nitnem everyday. Slowly try to increase you rehet