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mata ji forgive me if you find this offensive i am only fourteen. all happens by the will of our akal purakh. the anand karaj is one sacred ceremony in which 2 souls become one infront of the charan kamal (lotus feet) of the guru and god. the sacred lawan is sung and the 2 souls circle around the guru in a cosmic twist. it is by gods will that this happens and by gods plan. one can ask in ardass infront of god and the guru for your son to soon be joined in this holy ceremony of anand karaj.

oh mata ji there is only one thing i can prescribe to you one very powerfull prayer that the gurus mother sang to him. and thus is stuck in his mind and ended up in our gurbani. it is a very pure mothers prayer which you must sing to your sone the only thing you can ask for,

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here is a link to the shabad which has beautiful audio sung by mai nirinjan kaur khalsa (oregon wale)

the translation to the shabad is next to it the file will open to sikhnet gurbani Media center

if you havent still got what the shabad is it is (puta mata ki asees)

good luck mataji hopfully it will help

oh my god yes baba guruka singh ji you are right i have just read what you have said! there is nothing more powerfull then a mothers prayer.

waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh