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If you really understand Gurbani you will know all the Gurus said that all religions are one only the ones who do evil and stupid superstition without any reason are wandering.

Guru Gobind Singh says that God created Brahma Vishnu and Shiv.

Guru Nanak says that Vedas tells true stuff, but Brahmin lies to his own people and majority of Hindus are astray today.

Quran says all the correct things a person should do as per Gurbani, but Hadiths are all lies it was written 200 years after Prophet Muhammad died.

If you find differences in various "correct" ways then you are spiritually blind and just clinging to "your" ego of religion and haven't really understood it.

You might be Sikh in this life, what is the guarantee that you will be born as a Sikh in the next life ?