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"The Vedas and the Scriptures are only make-believe, O Siblings of Destiny; they do not relieve the anxiety of the heart. If you will only center yourself on the Lord, even for just a breath, then you shall see the Lord face-to-face, present before you. || 1 || O human being, search your own heart every day, and do not wander around in confusion. This world is just a magic-show; no one will be holding your hand. || 1 || Pause || Reading and studying falsehood, people are happy; in their ignorance, they speak nonsense. The True Creator Lord is diffused into His creation..." Kabir Ji (ANG 727)

"The world is just a magic show..." All we see is illusion. This is the beauty of Maya. The dance is endless. The games are many. It is the play (lila) of the One.