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Gatka is not a part of Gurbani. It is not a divinely revealed martial art. I agree with those who say that there is no superior martial art, only superior martial artists/warriors. Dogma and ritualism in martial arts are what get people killed and injured in real-life conflict. Cross-training in multiple arts and styles is a wonderful approach and the one I have practiced throughout my own life. Ideally, a warrior's focus is on what works in reality and what is the most functional for his own unique body type, preferred weapon, environment, and most common opponents.

There is nothing wrong with critiquing a system or style as long as it's not rooted in ego or puffing oneself up. I'm always interested in learning from the experience of others, but that's the rub. I'm more interested in what someone with real fighting/combat experience has to share than someone with only school/tournament experience.