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Here is what i understood from the video

tu tu myan te kirpan yon kaal hai you you (Lord) are the sheath and you yourself are the sword, you gave birth to Time(death)

cheer cheer vairiyo ki ...
Cutting into pieces the enemies

maar maar dhokiyo madaan se bhajaat hai
beat beat, the tyrants you scare away them

Nihang singh teg ki zorawari dikhaat hai
Nihangs show the skill of the sword

Guru Granth Dasam Granth Sarab lo praksh ho
May the wisdom of Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth illuminate everywhere

With recital of Mool mantra may we get out of the illusion of Maya

Also recital of Bhagauti (Godess of war) happens 
    In Bir Ras

May  Nihangs and Akaal (God) be primary every where

May  Matyrs merge into God after dying in battlefield   

May the vision of Guru Gobind Singh spread around all corners

May it always be the time of Khalsa