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Don't worry sometimes this happens to me too, it's just the elephant mind running in the 10 directions as the guru says. I think most people have this problem, but the way to deal with this problem is to constantly remember God (chant waheguru or chant waheguru in the mind), listen to kirtan (i recommend with english translation, so you can understand it fully) and contemplate on the awesomeness of God that Gurbani talks about. The Guru says that the constant remembrance of God in the mind, in the midst of a person's worldly life is the goal of a human being.

I myself have started to do this, i feel so much more connected to God, i feel i act more compassionately too. Guru Ji also says that when we forget God, we lose our virtues (Man Ek na chetas mur mana. Har bisrat tere gun galia).

There's a nice video on this by nanak naam on youtube: