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well yes gursinghni, although one has dreams we shouldn't dwell on them. sometimes they are encapsulated in our spiritual experience. i for one have seen many things aswel but not dead sprits or dead people. but through what you have told me both times they are giving an important message about praying and not fearing death.

the other more important dreams tend to be darshan of holy sikh objects places or people for example you see the darbur sahib your heart has a longing to go there and be with the guru. you reading the first line of sukhmani means that your soul feels like connecting to the shabad and you have to let it it means that you must recite the sukhmani. or meditate on its mantra follow this link many of the 3ho sikhs in espanola new mexio america use this mantra link text

look my friend your soul just wants to awaken so let it what ever you are doing at the moment is good.... but you need to focus harder. you are doing well so dont worry just listen to what the soul has to say and you'll be freed from the clutches of the mind.

if you want to talk more about dreams contact me at my email ([email protected])

sorry if i haven't helped.

khalsa fateh!

gavinpal singh aged 14