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Waheguru jio,

Firstly, may god bless the soul of your loved one. Secondly, in Guru Granth Sahib ji, it is said that death is inevitable, hence, will come to all (jo upjao so binas hai - whatever blooms, shall also wither (die)). The time of death, is only known to god as he knows everything. We can only make smart choices in life to live to the best of extent. Some live a very long life and some don't, its all god's hukam (will). However, as guru ji tells us, we need to make whatever time we have on earth in remembrance of god, to thank him and to do good deeds (kar bande tu bandage jichar tak main saah - worship god until your last breath).

Even Guru Gobind Singh ji didn't alter their son's death, so how can we sinners do anything about it. We can follow guru's words and live a good life though :) Hope this helped. Bhul Chuk muaf karni.