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Waheguru Jio,

1) Is there God? There is God among us all. When God created us, He also put his light inside us. We take that light as part of God or God himself.

2) God is different from us? Yes, God is different from us. For example, there are lot of bacteria in our body, they all are different from us but they are inside us. Note that, God is inside us but not in physical form.

3) Can we see God? Yes we can see only if God wants us to, as He is all powerful and almighty. This decision is up to him if he wants us to see him or not. According to SGGS, we can only see god when we are very spiritual and giving our full intension towards spiritual devotion.

4) After Death? After Death if you committed sins in your life you will be reincarnated as someone else (it can be anything, human, animal, plants, mountains depends upon your sins). If you were very spiritual then you will go to the God's House and finally you will see him.

Note: Here I mentioned God as 'Male' just for easy writing. God has no gander. Everything I mentioned here I read from Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Bhul Chuk mauf karna.