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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Behn ji, I want to start off by saying that your brother might be going through isolation, which is why he doesn't come forth like he use to. Erik Erikson's and his stages of development shows that at your brothers' age, he's at "intimacy vs isolation". Thus, definitely try to talk to him, comfort him, like a mother or a being who understands his true self. So what if he's not close to his father? he has guru ji or god to call his father, remember he's the closest of the closest "mera sajanda sab te nikat khada"; "my beloved, stands the closest to me". God doesn't judge and listens to all our worries but its up to us to believe that. Know that every other thing is false, so why dwell upon things for so long and get depressed when you know you have something that will last forever?

I suggest listen to "Salok of ninth guru" in Punjabi with English translation to understand how transitory this world is and we're only in this world as guests. Perhaps a little support and more push in the right direction is what he needs. We're all humans and we just want to be loved, so try giving him that even though he's 28, he might still be fearful of interacting or letting feelings out. Thus, try to be an approachable person and get him to realise that you are someone he can share anything with, as well as our beloved guru/god.

Bhul chuk muaf.