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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Mere veer jio, I want to start off by saying that alcohol isn't allowed in sikhi and in no way is it a resolution to any of your problems, it isn't for anyone, for that matter. Otherwise, everyone would be a drinking addict and no one would have a single problem in their life. Problems arise from within, from our own reactions to things. In no way am I saying that your problem isn't big, of course it is but you only find a rhino big until you see an elephant or giraffe. The solution is within yourself, its your sikhi.

Now let me try to help out (as a sister, afterall we're both Guru Nanak's Sikhs, yeah?)

"Jinna neh doojane lagga,chur maro se vaadiya"; "those who have love for another (maya), die repenting".

You're focusing all your energy onto the problem and little on the solution and that's why the problem is seeming huge. There's sikhi on one side where it teaches us not to touch alcohol and the other not to be caught in emotional attachment of family. Your wife definitely seems to have problems and that's most probably her past and how she was bought up. The way you can try to solve this, is by asking yourself a few questions. 1. Can you fix her alcoholic issues? 2. Will she consider going to a psychologist to save herself and your relationship? 3. Does she want to save your relationship? 4. Have your personally asked her the previous question and has she done anything to prove she wants to? 5. Do you love her? or are you with her because she's threatening to suicide? 6. What will make YOU happy?

Now if you answered "i'm with her because otherwise she'll commit suicide", then veer ji, that's not a good relationship, you're just there out of compulsion and not out of choice, marriage isn't about that. I advice you go to your local police station with a recording of her saying that. That's because she's blackmailing you and its most definitely affecting your mental health.

Sikhi is following what Gurbani teaches us and that's "nanak chinta mat karo, chinta this hi hai". God is watching everything you do and what you think, he's the nearest of the near. Everyone gets challenges in their lives, but its how we react to the them "aape beej, aape hi khao". Whatever you're sowing right now, is the fruit you'll get later. Don't sow the seeds of worry or hate or resentment, but rather try to stay positive that whatever god has given us is good, even if its sadness. Now, god has given you a brain too and your family, so try to build a future YOU want with them! Remember veer ji, if we have god, we have everything, let everything come and go as it pleases. Now take a deep breath, and do what makes you happy and not resent for the rest of your life. I believe in you. Forgive me for any errors or the lowly advice, wahegru bhala karn.