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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa.. Waheguru Ji Di Fateh..II

I am so surprised to see your query ... I have a same story , I am almost of same age like yours.. quite close to your situation but my situation is other way around..

My family has shifted to Australia .. I have 2 marriages ... I had some serious challenge in my personal life but my career shined massively after returning from Australia (after my academics) ... My first marriage was a disaster.... My 2nd wife is became non supportive, since I lost twice back to back in my career a. earlier I left professional high and opted for business and I got a set back due to my partners .. b. later I opted back a professional life... company I joined also siphoned off my pays and incentives.. I am yet to receive a year worth Salary + bonuses ..But company has promised but now claiming it has no money in banks...

My personal relation with current wife is ending up soon... have more or less come to a conclusion... I was close to her but things didnt work for me professionally has been a spoil sport as per her ... well, at this point things which are not working for me shouldn't be a reason for her to behave in drastically different way.. So I am left speechless and hurt..

Astrologers have give alot of feedback to me and I have been getting unnecessary advises from everywhere...

But I beleive in Waheguru Ji , who himself has decided what he wants to give or take from us..

I have planned to leave everything here as I got a hit in my professional career as well as personal losses ..

But trust me I have seen the things you cant control .. we should not keep running after those things ... God has given us an opportunity to give our best .... his is what we can only do ...I have left everything to Waheguru ji ..

If things are not working out for me ... If my 2nd marriage is also collapsed ( about to) .. then that means this was not meant for me ... yes I pushed this against my parents will but they have always blessed her and supported her....

Soche soch na hovai je sochi lakh var, chupe chup na hovai je lai raha liv tar, Bhukhia Bhukh na utari je Banna puria Bhar, sahas sianpa lakh hohi ta ik na chale nal, kiv sachiara hoiai kiv kurai tute pal, Hukam razai chalna Nanak likhiya nal ||

He knows whats in store for us...

God Bless You ! Regards