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Sat Nam. A famous author once wrote, "A rose is a rose is a rose." Semantics notwithstanding, the Sikh religion is recognized as the world's eighth largest religion. The word "Sikh" evolved from the word "Sishya" which means "student" -- Those who listened to the teachings of Guru Nanak and attempted to live according to them were sishyas, students of Truth, and that is what Sikhs are. Basically, the Sikh "religion" provides a specific blue print, a path to follow for living righteously, so you certainly can call it an ideology as well. It is not either one or the other, it is both -- and much more! It is a methodology to experience the reality of God through the Word of God as embodied in the Shab Guru. Call it whatever you prefer, the wonderful thing is to practice it! blessings, SP