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The tough part in this whole situation is that it seems your parents have really taken a drastic measure saying that you are “dead” to them if you move out. I can’t imagine how awful that must make you feel. You are going to be the one to live with your decisions so its hard for someone else to say what is wrong or what is right. As Sikhs we don’t believe in the caste system, but I know a lot of parents are indeed still stuck in that mindset. Is caste the only reason or are there other legitimate red flags about this person that your parents have raised? Would moving out mean getting married to this Singh and then moving in with him? If not, do you have plans on where to live and how to pay for that? I’m sure you’ve thought of this but I just wanted to mention these things. Are you okay with having a wedding with your parents not present? As Guruka Singh Ji has said you haven’t really mentioned how old you are or how long you have known him. I don’t need the answers but you will have to consider these things. My fear would be that you move in with his family and are completely isolated from having a support system outside of that since your family doesn’t want to continue to support you- do you have other friends, other supports outside of this Singh? Even if everything goes great, its nice to have other friends outside of a relationship. I think you’ve done well in trying your best to compromise, and to listen to your parents, but it sounds like they are the ones who don’t seem to want to compromise and are making things quite black and white for you. Since your family has contributed to your deteriorating mental health, I think the balance seems to go in favor of moving out but ultimately its up to you. Especially if you are just moving out on your own and not getting married right away it might give some time and perspective to both you and your family on the situation. I'm sorry you are going through such a tough time!