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Hey, there are many similar posts about this if you do a quick search for karma. For example this one:

Briefly, karma is cause and effect. But rather than focusing on what was done, I think you should focus on mending it, making sure it doesn't happen again, and forgiving yourself. God forgives and we should forgive ourselves for our mistakes as well. Just do ardas. By recognizing you have made a mistake, you are making a good step towards the future. We make a lot of mistakes unknowingly. I have, everyone has. Try not to hold it against yourself too much and just learn from it. We cleanse ourselves of past karma and deeds accumulated from other lives in washing our mind by doing simran and living by Gurbani. "Excruciating pain, countless killings, reincarnation, poverty and terrible misery, Are all destroyed by meditating in remembrance on the Lord's Name, O Nanak, just as fire reduces piles of wood to ashes." ||18|| I think we tend to focus too much on punishment and get stuck in the past sometimes. I read this line from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji yesterday and saved it to my computer in fact, "If I did not commit any sins, O infinite Lord, how would you have acquired the name, 'Redeemer of sinners.'" It reminds me I dont need to be too judgemental on myself!