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In my experience having an undergrad degree was just a stepping stone for me to be able to do what I wanted. When I look back it gave me more than education about specific things which you tend to forget anyways, it was more about maturing during that time and building a foundation from which to understand the world and a method of thinking. I didn’t love it but I do love what I’m doing now, so it was worth it. how far are you from graduation?

I think that you are right not to want to pursue law if your heart isn’t in it, and do not worry about disappointing your parents. It is worse to live a life that you feel trapped and unhappy in, in an area that was not your calling. I don’t think your parents ever want you to live a miserable life. Law school is hard enough but not to want it in the first place would make it difficult to make the sacrifices you need to complete it. If you see the trajectory is not good for you, then I think having an honest and respectful conversation with your parents is a good idea. But I think having a plan for yourself is probably a good idea before you have that conversation.

Sometimes people have to pursue schooling to get a decent job so that they have money to live and can do what they are passionate about on the side (if its not a stable career in itself). Depends on the situation. In which case finishing a degree isn’t a bad idea if you are towards the end (and it would be a compromise with your parents because you did do some post-secondary, even if you didn’t go into law and do another degree. Most parents realize education is important to getting good jobs these days so its usually more about that than anything else). Its hard to give specific advice without knowing what your field of passion is but we are given a passion for a reason. Just something to think about. So I don’t think you have to feel like this is an either/or, I think there is a gray range in between where you could pursue options that are okay for you and your family.