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Yes. He needs to put you first and strengthen your relationship. Confrontation needs to be done, but with a rational and calm mind. Try writing thoughts out on paper. This will help to clear your mind of irrational thinking towards him. Be mindful of what you are saying and how it is being communicated - through your non verbal language. Try directing your positive energy towards the children of your brother in law. Arrange a play date or a fun activity at home with all the children. Even when there is a family get together, direct your energy towards the children. Because you are positive and caring towards their children, maybe your brother in law will appreciate this attribute about you. You have to keep in mind that families in general are not perfect and differences will always occur. Unfortunately that is the reality. Always do what your able to do within your capabilities. If that means, putting your love and thoughtfulness towards the people who truly appreciate your efforts, then do that. You are a member and apart of that family so you must understand that you have a role within that family system. Put forth your positive energy anywhere it may be useful - even if you may think its not making a huge difference. Over time, it will make a difference. Sometimes in our families the people who we love don't always love us in return, and that is okay. You begin to accept, but don't let that lower your self-esteem. Like I mentioned before, direct energy where it counts and where it matters.