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It is difficult to understand the reasons another person has hurt you. From what you have mentioned, it seems as if you have tried numerous of times to reconcile your differences with this person, but there has been no solution. You need to part your ways at this point. It hurts you to accept this, but for your own personal wellbeing it is the best thing to do. I would put some of your energy into paath to strengthen your mind and to find personal meaning of your experiences. I wouldn't try investing anymore energy into that person because it is obviously depleting your energy levels and making you feel ill. Try doing things that will make you feel happy and make you whole again. Do whatever you enjoy. Try volunteering - this can be an rewarding experience by giving back to others. You will feel better and it will occupy your mind. Join a gym. Find a new hobby. The most important thing - be creative with your energy. Never allow anyone to take away from your soul power and energy. Know who you are and speak with compassion.

If you feel after a certain amount of time has passed, you would like to approach that person with a calm mind then go for it. It can be done, however protect yourself first. If at any time you feel this person is trying to threaten you then with a rational mind part your ways. It is obviously not working and nothing can be done.