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sri guru gobind singh ji says in the rehat nama and rehat maryada that a sikh can eat meat BUT if a sikh wishes to stay a vegeterian due to the system of bibek created by the sixth guru then they can. thus they are called vaishnu who do not eat the flesh of an animal for any purpose but the guru says that the one who chooses to do so must stick to there word and not eat any meat atall be it fish meat or eggs that person must follow the system properly. they must eat out of iron so on so forth. the guru says that a sikh could only eat meat to survive for one musnt kill them selfes for devotion as all the gurus have stated the warrios only ate meat having to survive otherwise they couldnot fight they would grow weak and die.

in sikhi meat inst eaten for pleasure atall and when eaten must be respected with all heart the whole animal is used for war bones for weapons skin for drums etc.

Sikhism is transitionally vegetarian, and will always stay that way being spiritual and being vegetarian go hand in hand.

and just to state eating meat is only a sin when japji sahib, chandi di vaar and the stroke of the sword haven't been Incorporated in the process meaning that the meat has to be jhatka to be eaten the animal must of had the prayers read over it and then its head cut from its body as liberation from all life forms for the animals sacrifice.