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But i wish to add try getting out for about 3mts or 1 month or so take the child with you, If he will understand he will get better or he will not change, We are all living in this current age and adjusting will bring sickness and early death! please talk and compromise ih has to be good for both sides if cannot give you any support physical and mental and spend time with you then you are wasting your life there. A child will grow up looking at how his parents live and this will affect him/her in the future making realtionships with the opposite sex, better to be alone and look after your child well instead of being in a neglected relationship. If he cannot see that his mother is the root of some problem then give him time to dwell on it and after your holidays come back and see, he must know what it was like before and now! If he cannot share his feeling his fears and his inadequacies etc then why be there?