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it's not wrong to love! love is what the world is based off of. I think there are several reasons why people discourage boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, particularly when you are still in high school/young enough that you aren't actually able to be married. One of them is not really knowing yourself well enough to know what you need and want in life, and in a partner. These things can mold and change over time. We grow and change over time, and it's a different type of growth when you are tied to someone else. Over-attachment can prevent your own growth. In high school our brains are still developing, we are still maturing, especially our decision making ability. So it's that time we might not even have skills to handle what life has ahead. Sexual activity especially because it is emotionally complicated, and there's the risks of STIs and pregnancy which a lot of people don't think through. I guess I'd just say be aware of your growth. Be aware of not making him "everything." there's a chance you could still break up. Have a good sense of who you are and spend time with your own friends, not just always together. Make sure you focus on your spiritual development so that nothing in life has too much pull on you. I feel like it's not about getting rid of the feelings but about being realistic and also focusing on your own development as a person. Have you talked to your parents about this topic?