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It must be a hard situation to be in, not being able to help your mom but you have managed to get away from the abuse. Have you gotten some counseling? It can be really helpful to process some of these feelings but sometimes can take some time to get someone that is a good fit. Many times schools and professional programs or workplaces have free counseling services. It’s okay that you can’t emotionally support her as much as you’d like, because you really do need to focus on your own wellbeing and your schooling. It’s not you or your mom’s fault that your dad is behaving this way. I’m sure she has lots of reasons she is staying, because its hard to leave a marriage after so long especially if she isn’t financially independent. Are there other options for your mom- like living with a relative? Are there other options for you to do your schooling, like bursaries, loans? Is there a possibility of encouraging your mom to see her own doctor to connect her with resources. I don’t know if your mother would ever consider police involvement. Ultimately you need to remember to put yourself as a priority, and take care of your own health even if that means distancing yourself a little. With the depression, going to see a doctor to start some medication might be an option for you as well.