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Dear sister, I totally feel your pain. I was in a relationship for 9 years. In fact it would be 10 years this year in few months. In my case our religion, caste, social status, educational background, everything was compatible. Yet our parents disapproved. We both didn't want to go ahead with marriage if either of out parents were to object but since we were both professionally sound we didn't think it was possible. But there is something called "destiny" perhaps. I go through this cycle every single day, sometimes twice in a day.. it starts like praying and promising to be strong and think positive, than being indifferent (kind of struggling to suppress my mind from going back into memories of past) then relapsing into depressive mode, wanting him back, praying constantly and even questioning God, then i again give into destiny.. explain myself that i have to let it go and let God himselve solve my problem and meditate on true God. I repeat this almost every day and I wonder if Ill ever be able to let go. On the other hand my ex has already moved on. So it hurts me even more to see it was so easy for him but what can we do right? Sometimes I just stare at a quotation by Buddha that is to not to dwell in the memories of past, not to dream about future, but to concentrate on the present. This thought always helps me to let go for that moment when I try to focus on this quote but other than that I think just consciously letting go is the practice we must do every day and meditate more often. I just thought I'd share my experience with you. Though I know its not of much help. Sometimes, its good to know you are not the only one dealing with this. Guru Ang Sang.