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Take a look at these

Your answers are going to vary based on individuals and where they are living I think.

Based on some of those responses common themes seem to be lack of sangat in some areas, racism/bullying, sexism, lack of personal role models (people you know) to guide you, and language barriers (younger generation not understanding). Other problems are drugs and alcohol especially. In Canada we have a problem with gangs. I feel like sometimes people don’t actively step up and take a role in their own spirituality, they don’t realize that it takes work or prioritize it as an important part of life because they are lost in maya. Sometimes we learn about various things but don’t apply the teachings. I think this is a big issue that is central to all other issues- just making things ritualistic and not really applying our minds to understanding what Gurbani is saying. If we really understood and applied it to our lives, we wouldn’t divide ourselves.

In terms of addressing issues, each person has their own realm of what they can influence. We can address things on an individual level- as a person, change your life and how you practice. That inspires the people around us. There is a role of actually organizing change as well, by educating people to prevent bullying (I’ve seen many awareness events about Turbans for example), teaching punjabi at the Gurdwara to work on language barriers, etc. There’s community level change, there’s international change through social media and websites like Sikhnet.