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The solar and lunar centers of the human body (lunar center in the chin and solar center on top of skull) affect the balance of projective and receptive energy in the body and psyche. Each person has differing amounts of each (masculine and feminine) energy. One of the marks of a person of consciousness is that he or she can move easily between receptive and projective energies and is not limited by either.

When a man has no beard, then his lunar energy (changeability, reflectiveness of others) increases. Everyone has exactly the right amount of hair programmed into their DNA. It’s different for each person. Even a naturally bald man (or woman) where the solar center at the top of the skull is not buffered. The imbalance comes when people remove their hairs (which the body immediately begins growing back) and alters the natural configuration for reasons of vanity. That creates an imbalance for that person.

The difference between a child (no beard) and a man (beard) is that the man is designed to be stable, constant and neutral, shedding his light on all equally (like the sun) whereas a child is naturally mutable. If a man shaves off his beard, he loses stability and is more affected by the lunar energy which is constantly changing in a 28 day cycle. That is the natural beauty of a woman – that she changes every day, like the moon.