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You are guilty, but not because of adultery, no you are guilty of something else, have you ever heard of something known as Jhoota, that is what you are guilty of, Jhoot is not just food, it is for kissing and having sex, so by Sikh law, you are no longer an Amritdhari, your promise to the Guru is gone, how happy are you, you couldn't wait, you disliked your Guru that much, go and wait till something known as Vaisakhi 2013, it is on the 14th of April, retake the Guru Ji's Amrit, or don't take it, really either way you are not an Amritdhari for like 4 months, but don't worry Guru Ji will give you forgiveness, Guru Ji has the buggest heart in the universe, don't ask us humans, Waheguru is the only good, ask Waheguru